No libido

21weeks and it feels like my 🐱 just does not work anymore. I feel so bad for my husband because I know he’s getting the short end of the stick on this one. It’s been like two almost three weeks of trying and end up frustrated because I just can’t get in the mood… Anyone else relate?
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OMG same I'm 21 weeks today and it's been like that since around 14 weeks...the frustration makes me dread being around him now because I feel bad cause ik he's frustrated too but I don't have the patience to pretend. I'd rather cuddle up and watch a movie or something

@Harmony Definitely understand this! My husband is very understanding but I do feel really bad for him. Like you said, we just cuddle because that’s all I’m down for currently.

Right there with you. I thought it was a first trimester thing but it has continued. I’m also 21 weeks.

But honestly lol id say they're pretty lucky for that to be one of the only actual "pregnancy symptoms" they have to go through as well. It's a small price to pay considering what we have to go through everyday. It'll go away once baby gets here. 🤞😂

I’m the same!! 23weeks and all I want is cuddling and kissing … my husband is so understanding but I feel bad

Same here but it's been like that my whole pregnancy. Just not into it at all but I still attempt to participate any time he acts but I know it probably sucks because I'm rushing the process😬

This is the last thing I’m concerned about, I’m battling a war over here, he can deal.

No seriously I thought something was wrong with me , they said women are hornier during second trimester.. but I can’t get in the mood at all .. just doesn’t work lol I rather cuddle and sleep

Totally. My husband and I kinda have fun with it though. I'll send him sexy picks randomly during the day or do like a little strip tease dance for him. Those are things we've never really done so it kinda keeps things sexy and interesting for him 😂 I feel like all that is TMI but whatever

Sex is so uncomfortable now😭

I just don't care for it anymore, I'm over it & feel like that's what got me at #4 !!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

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