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Hello! Quick question...might be silly and have googled it but can't find an answer! If I have some breastmilk in the fridge, can I take it out and leave it on the side for a bit to reach room temp before feeding or do I have to use a warmer/run under hot water? Thank you in advance for any help/info :)
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Yes I think it can be left at room temp (outside of fridge) for up to 4 hours.

Thank you. And that's from the fridge? I express and leave out for his next feed (he's on top ups every 3 hours) but I'm just not sure about getting a bottle out the fridge and leaving it to warm to room temp! Naively, I had no idea there were so many rules with breastmilk!

Both freshly expressed and milk out of fridge has to be used in 4 hours. I used to boil a kettle and pour it into a jug and put the bottle in that for a couple of minutes.

If your baby has taken milk from the bottle it has to be dumped after 1 hour.

Perfect, thank you so much! We have a tommee tippee bottle warmer but I feel its making it too warm and ruining it and also giving him a tummy ache. I'll try the jug method and see if that has the same affect on him. Thank you so much :)

Try it straight from the fridge / after an hour or so out too! Some babies are happy to have it cooler :)

@Sally I'm slightly worried straight out the fridge will give him a belly ache/gas? He's a sensitive boy like his father! I, personally, could drink pints of milk straight out the fridge 😂

I know what you mean! It’ll be trial and error til you find his fave temp :) My first used to have it pretty cool - I’d run the expressed bottle under a hot tap for about a minute, swirl it, and then offer it. And he was fine that way :)

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