Has anyone else had a problem where their little one will only eat sweet stuff? He's starting to refuse savoury puree but will happily take a fruit one?
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My HV told me that a baby will prefer sweet over savoury, so to try avoid those as long as I could 😅

Yes!!! But she will eat savory finger food so I make sure she has that too, all about balance I guess 😬😵‍💫

Yup my boy prefer fruity one but he’s happy to eat sweet potato and betroots so far .. He would gagging with savoury 🫣

He is flat out refusing savoury now! Don't want to force him...?! He'll do sweet potato?!

My girl was like this, still is to an extent but I found she got better when we started to give her stronger flavours, so not just veg. Our own dinners like a roast blitzed together with some of the gravy, spag Bol etc we got the zero salt stock cubes to cook with and are trying now to give her what we eat as much as possible. She was having none of puréed veg. Again she will eat finger food savoury better too but the blitzed up dinners are working.

Aw thanks!! I made him baby mac and cheese last night and he scoffed the lot!

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