My mum is making me nervous saying my baby has a very weird and big tummy. I’ve always seen babies with big tummy but as she keeps going on I’m starting to over think. Does this look big? She’s 15 months
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My little girls tummy is always like this too! I don’t think it’s anything to worry about we have paediatric appointments where she was premature and it’s been like it at appointments which they’ve never mentioned it x

She looks absolutely perfect to me personally? I’m sure you’ve already thought of it but You can always double check with a GP if you’re concerned 🫶🏽

Looks completely normal! Babies tummies are naturally ‘big’ anyway! My eldest had such a big tummy but he’s skinny now 😂

Babies are meant to have ‘beer bellies’, my son is the same! Xx

Totally normal, it’s a little beer belly! Or pot belly 🤣 I love when they just stand there with it hanging over their nappies, it’s too cute 🤣

I think the only concern would be if it’s really hard to touch. Otherwise it’s very normal - my 2 year old has one xx https://www.mountsinai.org/health-library/special-topic/potbellies-and-toddlers

My son has a little pot belly, it’s so cute! He’s been a hard one to wean but since he’s found his love for food, it’s popped out bless him 😂 Always get something checked out if you’re concerned though x

Looks exactly like my daughters belly and she's totally normal. We've just had the health visitor as well.

They’re meant to be like that

Hers looks little compared to my boys🤣 looks fine to me x

My little girl has a tummy like this. We call it her beer belly 🤣🤣

My son has a huge belly too! I don't think it's anything to worry about

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