Is it weird that all my mum friends are older? I’m 23 they are 30-40+ I have 2-4 friends my age but allot of mums I find are older.. let me know in the comments..?
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I’m the exact same! I’m 22 but I brought a home at 19, got married & had my baby last year. Nobody my age seems to be in the space I am in which has caused most of them to distance away. I always feel like I’ve got more in common with older people. My husband is the same, he’s a manager and most of his friends are over 30 🙈

Yess this is it! I don’t know I just click and get on better with older people.. allot of people say it’s because I’m mature for my age guess that comes with being the eldest out of my siblings.. I’m glad I’m not the only one xx

No. I’m 37 and my bestie is 27 😂 as long as you vibe, you vibe. My other bestie is 5yrs younger than me and the other one IS my age but single w no kids 😂 I like younger gals, (because I don’t look or act my age, lol) same as how you like older gals. Nothing wrong w that!

It is difficult to be able to afford babies these days and to be able to offer a home for them. People wait longer to be in a better position for their babies.

I’m 23 and I’m having a hard time making friends in general I feel I have a hard time making a connection in general cause I’m just unsure on what to talk about and stuff.

@Steph that’s true no judgement I completely get that xx

@Kellie I love this comment thank you!! I feel like so many people can be put off by age but age is just a number x

Honestly it IS just a number coz mamas mid-late 20’s msg me alllll the time and coz my age isn’t shown, they thought I was their age. And then if the age subject comes up they bawk at my real age 😂 looks can be deceiving, LOL! My bestie that I met on here, I didn’t even know her age until her Bday a couple months later. The subject of age just never came up 😂 and by then it’s like, oops. We’re stuck as friends now, don’t care how old you are 😂

Same with me

Not at all! One of my best mum friends is 34 and I’m 21… and most of my other friends are mid to late 20s because my partner is 7 years older than me so it’s his uni mates girlfriend’s / fiancées xx

One of my good friends from this app is 10 years younger than me as well! Not too weird esp if you two are on same wavelength maybe w same one of kids or hobbies

Most of my best friends/best people to talk to are at least ten years older than me so I don’t think it’s too weird lol

Thanks everyone xx

I’m 21 and literally everyone in my daughters play group and like stay and plays and things is always way older than me like we don’t have a lot in common

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