Whats this on my nip? I breastfeed and it hurts sooo bad when she latches on 😭😭

Ive been putting Lansinoh nipple cream on it but i keep getting these pain shocks when she latches on, please help!
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Tbh it looks like a little blood blister you get them on occasion when babies feed while they are learning to latch well and feed They do heal up but you spend a few days with rather ouch pains for my girls it usually means they were so hungry they sucked too hard or it was because they latched a little off and I was too tired to correct it lol 🤣

They don't bust or nothing like blisters btw but mine would scab up eventually I'd rub both breast milk on after feeds and vasaline on in-between

Yeah I’d say a blood blister, I got one and it just healed on its own but was a little painful when baby latched. This only happened once for me when he was very little. I used the burts bees nipple cream or put my own breast milk on to help soothe xx

Oh dear!!! Try to put some cream or balm. I use organic nipple balm from Lansinoh.

Looks like a milk bleb to me. I've had a few and the symptoms sound similar. Keep feeding from that boob and when in a warm bath, see if you can get that scabby bit off your nip and put nipple cream on. It'll be sore for a few days but should get progressively better. It's important to keep feeding from it though and keep the flow going, otherwise it can mean a blocked milk duct and potential mastitis.

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