Baby scratching head really bad

My baby keeps scratching his head where he has cradle cap. I’ve read that cradle cap isn’t itchy but it seems to be bothering him so much. I use the cradle cap shampoo on him and everything and I cut his nails. I find it horrible putting mitts on him as I don’t want to stunt his development (he likes exploring with his hands). Anyone know what I can do about it? X
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Have you tried baby oil? It can help loosen the flakes and soothe the itchiness x poor bub! It’s hard when they’re uncomfortable x

Oh poor little boy :( Could it be worth trying a little bit of e45 anti itch cream? It’s the only cream we’ve found so far to help our little boys dry skin though we haven’t tried on the dry skin on his head x

Maybe try little hats for him the lightweight ones, bless him must be bothering him x

I had to take mine to the doctors and they prescribed advance eczema cream which has cleared the scabs etc but he’s still scratching so we have had to put mitts or a soft hat on 😫

Lanolin (nipple) cream big coat wear a hat few hours then wash it off gently. Keeps it clear for us for a few days

I put coconut oil on my sons head and it really helps his cradle cap x

We have the same problem. What helps us is scrubbing her flaky head quite firmly morning and evening with a baby flannel dipped in warm water and then putting oil on it. Also short nails. I feel the same about the mitts but I do put them on her only when she's really tired because she gets really thrashy then and scratches herself lots :/ x

Wow that looks so painful, bless him. To relieve my sons cradle cap we applied a small amount of oil and used a soft bristle brush to gently get it away. Let the oil soak first.

Could it be eczema? Happened to baby and we was prescribed sterioid cream

Doctor told us to use coconut oil so we got some from Kokoso. We also use the Fridababy FlakeFixer - you shampoo their hair and use the combs to loosen the dry skin. Worked wonders and we rarely need to use it now as it cleared up after 3 uses.

Have you tried eliminating dairy and wheat? Cradle cap is often the result of too much wheat in the body

Coconut oil

i wouldnt use baby oil on broken skin.. it tends to irritate and it seems like he has sensitive skin if he's reacting that bad to the cradle cap, keep it hydrated with cream and covered until you can scrub it off easily

also maybe try switching the shampoo, it could be a reaction to that as well

@Chess I didn’t mean to suggest to put it in the broken skin. I meant on the cradle cap. It softens it and loosens it. Coconut oil is another alternative.

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