Tips for waking sleepy babe

Hi all! My LO doesn’t always wake for feeds and I sometimes find it really difficult to wake her up. I try stripping her down, changing nappy, rubbing legs/feet… sometimes it’s 30 minutes before I can even think about starting to feed and I feel like it’s such a waste of time. I’d rather let her sleep! Any tips or tricks?
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Is she over her birth weight? If she is just let her sleep💖

@Jade she’s not quite back up to birth weight yet - will be weighed again tomorrow and I really hope she will be there! Will make things so much easier

@Jill definitely is she is above her birth weight let her sleep! Saves you so much more sleep yourself when not having to force them awake xx

@Jade yes! Seems so counterproductive to wake her up, when the other half of my day I spend trying to get her to sleep 😅

Don’t wake her! If she is doing well weight wise and isn’t jaundiced (assume not?) then use it as mama recharge time! I was told to wake mine every 2 hours at first because she lost weight twice. It was pointless as she just was not interested. She likes 3-4 hours between feeds and any more than that she just falls asleep as soon as nipple touches her mouth. She’s now gained two check ups in a row and a good amount, so I’m doing what feels right for me/her/us.

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