Pregnancy tests

So the first positive test I got was Saturday 2nd Feb, which said 2-3 on clear blue I’ve waited a little while as so anxious so done another one today which is also saying the same. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m assuming this isn’t a good sign?…
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There’s a lot of factors that go into this… Was it FMU both times?

@Lauren sorry what do you mean by fmu?

First morning urine x

Ohh sorry first morning urine? No both times were afternoon I believe

This could be your issue. Depending on how much you drank both times, you could have had more dilated urine second time round. Try FMU x

Wouldn’t worry too much took a test back in December said 2-3 weeks 2 weeks later said the same, had an early scan at 6 weeks and now have my 12 week scan next week x

@Amber that’s so reassuring thank you! Xx

Some women never get a 3+ on a digital, I never did with my son and he is almost a year old 🥰x

@Nicole ohh really? I didn’t know that! That’s so reassuring thank you! I’m just so anxious. I can’t remember if I ever did with my 8month old son thinking of it now xx

I think it’s because once your HCG goes too high it messes up with the digital as it can’t process properly with it being further on in a pregnancy! I would definitely think about booking a private scan or waiting until the dating scan as they will be proof that there’s a baby there ❤️xx

Heya! Just to say that digitals are great but not that accurate to measure progression. If you’re worried about pregnancy progression please call your EPU or GP and ask for a HCG quantitative blood test. Don’t worry, though, it’s not necessary (most pregnant people don’t have it), it’s just precautionary in case you believe this might not be progressing. Unless you started testing negative, home pregnancy tests are not a very effective way to know much about the pregnancy. X

Thank you all for your kind words and reassurance I am going for a scan on Wednesday so praying for a healthy baby with progression🥹🙏xxx

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