3 days before AF due. Had some brown discharge earlier. Pink cheapie test is negative. This line came showed within 2 minutes
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I see a line !

@G would u say its positive?

I’d take another to be sure, could be indent line due to its positioning and colour xx

@Ashley it was blue. Yeah will take one tomorrow xx

@Ashley is it in the wrong place? Xx

I think these are prone to evap lines. The test line needs to be as thick as the control for it to be valid. Try again in a day or two to make sure but the pink dyes should really pick anything up. It still could be early though! Good luck x

When I was pregnant first time, if I tested before my missed period I got a line like this. Take another one tomorrow to be sure. But I do see a line !

@G oh so u had same line like this and was pregnant?

Negative this morning

That’s upsetting for you xx sending love x I also experienced a line like this 2 months running, so switched to doing Poundland cheapies from 9dpo. Helped me get used to the eventual ‘no’, getting a no everyday. Have a cup of tea and eat some chocolate❤️ x

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