I’m kinda embarrassed please don’t judge 🙈

I’m nearly 5 weeks since I had my baby (2nd) it was a very easy quick labour with 2 small grazes which have since healed and gone, no bleeding now can I have sex? My health v said go for it if it comfortable but I don’t know 🤷. I will obviously use protection 😜. Any advice would be great girls ❤️
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I want to know this too 😂 I had a graze but it’s healed now, 4 weeks postpartum, I’ll follow your post 😂 xx

I didn’t graze or tear, wasn’t hurting or feeling weird in any way and had sex once I stopped bleeding at 3.5 weeks. I used to think people were crazy having sec they early but I generally felt fine x

If you feel ready then go for it! With my first I had sex the first time about 4 weeks PP. Take your time, plenty of foreplay and have plenty of lube on standby if you need it. I’m currently 2 weeks PP and ready to jump my husband but I’m still bleeding 🙈 my sex drive seems to go through the roof after having children, I think it’s because I know I can’t I want it more 😂

It’s more the healing of your insides that needs the time (the placenta leaves a huuuuge wound), not whether you tore etc. The advice is 6 weeks but I know a lot of people don’t wait that long 🤷‍♀️

I’m 4 weeks pp and wanting sex but had 2nd degree tear with stitches. Scared to stretch the area where the stitches were. I do feel comfortable down there but what if stretching it makes it sore again. My bf is on the big side so think that’s why I’m nervous.

My own question is how you guys just had a graze or no tear! Wow .. I’m one month PP exactly today and just fully healed from my 2nd degree tear some days ago with no sex drive whatsoever.

@Stephanie perineum massage and this time I listened to the midwife on when to push and when to stop. They ask you to for a reason 😂

@Megan I didn’t do this and I have 2 baby’s never tore ☺️

I had no tear or graze but i was still afraid to have sex 😂 let us know how it goes

Hi, so just going to cut the sugarcoating and lay it out straight. I’m not judging though x The recommendation is 6 weeks because you have a wound the size of a dinner plate in your uterus where the placenta was attached and it takes 6 weeks to fully heal and abstaining penetration reduces risk of infection. The chance of infection is much higher when you put foreign objects inside. If you get an infection inside it is extremely unpleasant & painful. And with a newborn it’s not ideal at all. The biggest worry for medical professionals is that it could lead to sepsis which kills if not treated promptly with intravenous antibiotics. (which means a hospital admission.) It’s just not worth the risk. I’ve seen it so many times. It’s all too common and not enough awareness is put out there. You are close to the end of the recovery time so the risk is lower. But still. Just wait until you are fully healed. Your health visitor should be ashamed of herself. - Midwife of 25 years x

@Lara thank you for keeping it so real I needed this. I will wait ❤️

Sorry if it came across rude or judgemental. I’m more used to explaining it in person. Text can look so many different ways depending who reads it.

I had the exact same and we had sex at 3/4weeks Pp. I’m 6 weeks now and it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. We used a condom We’ve only managed it twice though as one of the times we tried and the baby started crying 🤣🤣

@Lara gosh no. I needed it honestly. ❤️. Thank you again x

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