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How do you know your baby is lactose? My LO’s poop has been coming out yellow green since we switched her over. And usually only poops once a day. Today she’s pooped 3x pretty close together and it’s just watery
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Did they have formula before or breastfeed? It probably would have been similar because those had dairy too

@Gabrielle she was just breastfed

that’s normal when transitioning to whole milk. make sure to limit to 24oz a day and offer water

You need to slowly introduce the milk with the breastmilk and reduce each week the amount of breastmilk and slowly increase whole milk

@Terrie she’s been drinking whole milk for about a month now

my daughter was like this and we have to switch her to whole milk that was lactose free and she has been doing so much better!

@Mercedes thank you! I’m gonna talk to her pediatrician about this

Try A2 milk. They sell it at Whole Foods and other health food stores.

Did you eat dairy. Because if you didn’t then it’s possible it could be dairy problems. But if yo did then I’d say it’s normal

@Gabrielle no mostly oat milk

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