Getting a little impatient!

My due date was supposed to be today and I know due dates are only an estimate but I am so tired of pregnancy and just want to hold my baby and sick of hearing “enjoy your last moments without a baby lol” like no thank you, I would like to sleep on my belly , run again , eat raw ass fish and have a little glass of wine with my girls. I’m so tired. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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Same here! She was due today and I have no signs of labor and I been doing all the things…. Dates, pineapple, sex, bouncing on birth ball, IM OVER IT… and Hospital won’t do anything until 42 weeks 😭

Estimate due date today, too! One of the midwifes I see wants me to insert 3 primrose oil tablets vaginally to soften my cervix. But I don't want to rush baby when baby isn't ready. But I am so over being pregnant 🙃

Glad I’m not the only one with a due date today and baby is not making any progress of coming makes me feel like I’m not alone

😹 love this! My due date is tomorrow and I feel all of this omg. 💕 lmao

Same! My due date was yesterday and I’ve been trying everything to get her out. I definitely let out some tears in frustration last night when I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t fall asleep. Meanwhile everyone keeps asking me how I’m feeling… how do you think I’m feeling?! 🙃

Preach mama

Due tomorrow and I can tell you rn baby ain’t coming till I’m induced the weekend

I just had my baby and I miss my belly now. Lol. And being able to sleep through the night.

@Mel congratulations! Did you reach your due date? Any self inducing labor tricks to share? (I know baby comes when they’re ready, just desperate over here 🙃)

Same here mama 🥲 due today (13th) and they told me a week and a half ago that I was 1 cm dilated and yesterday they checked again, no progress and still at 1 cm 😩 I feel like she’s going to arrive late and I’m very much ready to birth my baby already! I hope everyone has a safe delivery and I hope our babies come soon! ❤️

@Julia S I had my baby on my due date because my water broke and I was on the yoga ball all day doing exercises, even during labor and my baby came out in 8 hours with 5 pushes. They were gonna check my cervix and saw her little head 🥰

I so get this I’m am 41 weeks and 4 days I’m dying

@Christine girl I’ve been at a 3 for 4 weeks now like whattt

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