Sex during pregnancy

Is anyone else somewhat terrified of having sex while pregnant? I went through a year and a half of fertility treatments in order to finally conceive via IVF. With all of the oral meds, vaginal suppositories and injections, I had zero interest in sex for the last several months. Now, I’m worried about doing something to cause a bleeding. My husband is super supportive and has been incredibly patient, but I miss that part of our relationship. Anyone have any words of advice to help this first time IVF pregnant momma?
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I haven’t had IVF but I did have a miscarriage before this pregnancy and I was terrified to have sex. I didn’t so so until confirming with my doc that it was ok. I m 17 weeks and have done it 3 times so far I’ve enjoyed it but I will say it’s caused some cramping after which was scary at 1st but my doctor confirmed it was normal as long as it didn’t last more than some hours. I would say check with your doc before moving forward with it.

Thank you @Tiffany . I’m 16 weeks and 5 days today. My doctor advised that we wait until our 2nd trimester, but I’m still full of fear. I do have an OB appointment on Friday, so I think I should talk with them again?

My husband and I did IVF and even 2 months of menopause beforehand. It took some time for us to find our rhythm but as long as you communicate and aren’t too vigorous you should be fine. Just use common sense, if it hurts try another position.

Yea I would just double check again . I will say it is nice to have that form of connection especially after not feeling up to sex for so long. But it can be stressful. I would say as long as ur doc gives the green light communicate with your partner and do as much as you feel comfortable with

I've gone through IVF experience three times and I get it! Those meds are brutal! Definitely check with your IVF doc. And when you do take it slow and lube is your friend 👍 There's always mutual masturbation 😜 If you're not comfortable with penetration or nervous about it that is an option. We have such good caring hubbys! Since you're about to see an OB maybe hubby could go with you and ask the OB about your concerns together? I hope it all works out 💖

I'm on my 3rd IVF pregnancy First two resulted in 3 losses but we wanted to give our other embryos a chance 🌈 We waited until after 15 weeks but we were a bit too ambitious 😜 and I'm now on pelvic rest due to bleeding and cramps right after the deed because of my history. But luckily we have a high risk Dr appointment on the 20th so hubby won't be too blue for long 😜

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