Baby size’s small in ultrasound

Hi .. I am FTM 36+ 4 and baby size’s small by 10 percentile in ultrasound. Doctor recommended to wait and check for a week. Any such experience to anyone. Please share.. as am looking to understand what better as a FTM i can do to let baby grow as per normal size.
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10th percentile is a normal size 💕

Thank you @Coral .. definitely an aid to my anxiousness as FTM 😊

Yup, 10th percentile is considered normal 🥰

@Parul Just curious but how much did your baby weigh?? I don't know what the 10th percentile is But I Just had my growth scan at 32 weeks and my baby was in the 26th percentile She weighed 3 lb 14 oz and the doctor said they weren't worried at all because I'm little so they expect the baby to be little too. Anyway just curious of what the baby actually weighed..

@Brandy Thank you Dear 🌸

@Kelly its more than 4 pounds.. and medical personnel do mentioned that it also depends on parents size .. so i am little .. so can be baby.. but ya having regular ultrasound on this is giving anxiety.

@Parul Girl I think everything is totally fine, like I said my baby is 2 oz from 4 lb at 32 weeks, and You're only a few weeks ahead of me, and my doctor told me that was totally fine so I wouldn't worry!!

My baby measured under the 3rd percentile at 5.5lbs, I was advised to get him out early at 39 weeks… he came out 6.1lbs and is just perfect! X

@Kelly perfect… feels better after reading your message Kelly. Thank you 😊

@Mabel good 👍 it worked and baby is just perfect.

I had an IGUR baby (learned my placenta wasn't feeding my baby sufficiently) ..she was under 1 percentile at 32 weeks and I had an emergency C section at 33+6. I had similar questions to you @Parul and every single nurse and doctor at the Queensway and Civic kept telling me there's nothing you can/could have done. You just need to keep listening to your body, eating well, getting as much rest as you can, be in a good mindset and nest to prepare for your baby ❤️ It's easy to say keep the stress down but my little one has now been here for over a month, and she's tiny but mighty! The healthcare professionals and team really took care of us so I would say just keep focusing on the basics and educate yourself to be in a position to ask them the best questions you can.

I've heard of other stories similar to @Mabel where they measured one way while you're pregnant but differently when delivering 🤷🏽‍♀️ The methodologies aren't perfect so try to take it with a grain of salt and keep operating with your healthy pregnancy habits to the best of your abilities! ❤️

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