Valentine’s Day sadness

anybody else trying not to be in their feelings over Valentine’s Day? I doubt my bd got me something cause he has no money, but what’s upsetting me the most is that I can’t spend it with my baby because of work☹️
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If it’s makes you feel any better I am pregnant and single so no valentine for me this year lol 😂

@Yesenia that was me last year. Still single and sad

@Victoria sometimes it’s better to be alone then with bad company. I pray that you do find that special someone. There’s someone out there for everyone 😘

@Yesenia still depressing tho

I turned it into a day to have pizza and crafts with my kids. I remember a couple years ago I was in an abusive relationship wishing for peace and now I have that. My kids and I do heart shaped pizza and cupcakes, but this year it's gonna be pizza, chocolate covered strawberries and heart shaped cookies 😍. I hope one day I'll be blessed with a healthy, loving relationship to expect Vday with, but for now, it's all about myself and kiddos.

@Deema any tips for a mom with a baby?

@Victoria what about reading some books from the library about valentine's day? Taking some cute pictures together on your phone and framing them (dollar store has really nice picture frames), getting a new teddy bear and some pajamas for you both and your little one will probably sleep a lot too so think of a favorite meal you would like to enjoy and treat yourself.

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