Why am i haven really bad period cramping when im breastfeeding the pain omg is horrible 😫 i only had my baby yesterday duno if i can deal with it
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It's a natural reflex unfortunately, when we breastfeed it causes the uterus to contract down. It does ease off over the next few days-week but it can be really painful to start with and not much to help it

I've been having it too, but started to be more consistent with my paracetamol (for my stitches mainly) and noticed it got a bit better. Maybe speak to your midwife to see if this could be an option to give yourself a break

As Chloe said above that’s a natural process. When you breastfeed you mr body produces oxytocin to help your uterus contract back to its normal size. This happens in the first week after giving birth and can last up to 10days.

Hopefully gos away fast can't cope allso dont want to stop breastfeeding x

@Lisa Barnes it will and it will help you get back into shape. Happy to hear you don’t want to stop breastfeeding, such a special time between mum and baby. Not easy but worth all the effort. They grow so fast! My first daughter is already six, she stopped breastfeeding naturally at 13 months and I was quite sad about it, wish I could hold her close like that forever 💞

It's your uterus contracting back to its normal size!! It's a good thing!! If it didn't do this, there would be a risk of hemorrhage or other issues. Unfortunately, it gets more intense with each subsequent pregnancy/baby ♡

Nursing pain peaks around day 5 and then gradually gets better and better the following week.. you got this!!

Yes it’s afterpains and it’s a good thing! It contracts your uterus and means your stomach will be back to normal in no time! Keep breastfeeding, i am 1 week post partum and my belly is almost back to normal. With my last baby I didn’t breastfeed and it took soo much longer

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