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I was asked to do the one hour test again after passing the three hour test. Now i failed the one hour test again. Will i be asked to do three hour test again or i will be gestational diabetic? If so what procedure comes ahead?
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I failed my one hour test, so did the 3 and passed. If you have passed your 3 hour test, there was no need for you to have repeat the one hour test. If they ask you to test again, personally I would refuse. There comes to a point where it just seems unnecessary and like they are making you do tests for the sake of it. It can’t be healthy ingesting all that sugar for the tests anyway.

I agree with Sophie.. did they ever say why you had to retake the 1 hour test after passing the 3 hour test? If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, they will more and like you get you with a high risk doctor that will give you a diet plan and have you self monitor you glucose levels

You can always ask to just monitor your blood sugar manually instead of testing again - I opted out completely

@Joy as far as i know my doctor is same since the beginning. I wasn’t sent to high risk doctor and even my ultrasound doctor was surprised on hearing about taking the test again and she said i dnt really need it. But now i am not going to take the three hour test again. I remember how weak and dizzy i was whole day after three hour test.

@Sanasjia i am thinking of doing that too.

@Sophie you are right that drink makes me nauseous and dizzy and it went 3 times in my body and i have had enough of it.

They shouldn't have had you do both. You should request it to be just the 3 hour one and done.

I opted out of my three hour and monitored my Sugar and they drew blood for an A1C. I’d refuse and either check sugar or request they draw blood.

Hey @Himani I had to do the 1 hr tests at 21 weeks because my doctor thght I might have GD because of my genetics and weight gain (though I only gain 20lb). I failed so had to do the 3 hour, but I passed the 3 hour at 21 weeks too. Then they made me do 1 hour again at 28 week which is when it’s normally done and failed so had to do the 3 hour again. I chose to do it again because i wanted to be cautious, especially with my family history of diabetes. I passed the 3 hour again.

@Anjali I understand. I am overweight but i do not have family history of diabetes but still for one last time i will consider doing the test and be done with it

It's always better to be safe than sorry. I had the one hour and the 3 hour tests around 24 weeks. They are doing a 3 hour test again at 32 weeks (next week). Im slender, but I have PCOS, so it puts me at a righer risk for blood glucose issues. If you are overweight or have pcos, things like diabetes don't care how pregnant you are or if you passed a test a while ago. It can happen at any point in pregnancy. Best of luck! Hope you all have a blessed pregnancy!

@Himani so my friend had the same reaction with her first baby. She had nausea and she did vomit too, they concluded she’s allergic to the drink. She’s now pregnant again and said she doesn’t need to test at all, even though she is highly overweight and does have autoimmune diseases. They will just get her to monitor her levels. You are not obligated to test, so if it makes you feel like that, don’t feel like you can’t refuse and say no. Ask for an alternative option.

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