GD and Psychological Affects

Gestational Diabetes is starting to hender my relationship with food. At first, I was managing my numbers well with diet, but as I get farther into my pregnancy I am beginning to not feel as full with these meals/snacks I’m having. I want to give into my cravings and It’s affecting my ability to have a healthy relationship with food. I’m more so worried about my numbers, then making sure I’m eating enough to feel full after a meal. I feel like my body is failing me and I’m scared I’m harming my baby. I had a breakdown over this today, I’m currently 35 weeks and 4 days and just want this to be OVER. 😔
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Talk to your dr… I wasn’t able to control mine with diet. I’ve been on insulin for about two weeks now. And I’m so happy I am!!! I still watch what I eat. But I enjoyed 2 slices of pizza last night. Took my insulin before and when I checked my #s 2hrs later, it was in range! Is a beautiful thing!

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