Failing my children

Here lately i feel like a shit parent. I lose my cool more easily with them. Im over stimulated. My 7 year old would rather be with her dad. She wont talk to me about anything. I need to build our bond back . I want her to come to me about everything. She wont. I feel like such a failure. My husband and I need counseling. Im on meds he needs meds. I cant do this anymore. My daughters father called ke tonight and screamed at me for making my 7 year old feel like crap when i never meant to. Im bawling my eyes out to where i cant breathe can someone please help with advice
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First of all remember you are doing your best, give yourself some grace. Second, please get counseling, even if only for yourself. If you can’t do in person, try better help, it helps me when I just need to talk to someone. Last, I understand needing to reconnect with your daughter. Maybe take a weekend day and make it all about her, no electronics. Talk to her about how you miss her and remind her you are always there for her in whatever capacity she needs. That’s going to go a lot further than you think… but it’s going to take more than one day to maintain a good relationship and remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed to take a deep breath in, hold for four counts and release slow, it will help center you and your thoughts

@Allison thank you. What about my husband. He is honestly worse than me. I want him. He has agreed to get the help.

We all have those days. That’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay dear. It’s just not okay to stay that way. You are where you were specifically meant to be. You are stronger than you know. Don’t tap out. Tap in. Tap into the promise that has already been made. You are chosen. You are loved. Give your self a moment, breath. Again. Breath. Parenting is a journey of many unexpected turns twists failures and triumphs. This season in your life shall pass. You will come up like a rising phoenix. Have faith. Pray. I promise you I have been there. I am living in a hell. Right now. Everyday fighting to keep focus on being strong for my children. Our minds tell us we are not good enough. Please do not fall into the trap of those lies. Don’t tap out. Tap into God and seek him. He is there. Keeping you in prayers. Lifting you and your family in Gods hands. May his spirit and never ending love peace and protection cover you all. Amen!

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