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My daughter father is a convicted felon. At the time of putting him on child support I didn't think of the rights he may have. Since the order was put in place he has been emotionally, verbally and mentally abusive. Also threatening at times. Ever since then I have been fighting to show the courts on why the order should be changed. Case recently got dismissed because we didn't see a mediator. He just got released from prison last September and is now demanding visitation rights and threatening to take me to court for not following the child support order because I fear the safety of my daughter with him. He also has a history of using controlled substances. Any advice is helpful please.
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Firstly you have every right to not want him around your child with his history. If you can keep him away from your daughter while you keep fighting for the order to be changed I would do that. Whatever got the case dismissed I would try again. You shouldn’t have to fear for the safety of your daughter. If anything maybe there could be a supervised visit with you and honestly I’d bring another family member from your side to be there too. I think as the primary guardian for your daughter protecting her is important but also getting the court 100% on your side. You can do this. 🙏🏾

Unfortunately in my state unless you can prove he's a danger to the child they'll give him rights and visitation and you'll get in trouble for not following court orders. They told me that they can to a protection order for me but not my kid because he's never threaten or put his hands on her just me 🙄 just keep collecting evidence and try your hardest to prove him unfit

Possibly sound like you need an order of protection, if he is removed from the home then maybe the visitation then can me compromised

It's presumed that if you have a baby with someone, that you trust them with the child. If you don't think he's safe, then you need documented proof of why. You need to request an or of protection, you need to request a police escort whenever you have to be present with him, and you have to attend all required appointments. You can't drop the ball on this, because you're ultimately responsible for proving that the person you conceived with is unfit to be a parent.

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