My dog hates his nails touched!

Hey! I want to go get my doggos nails trimmed. But he hates when I touch them or any one gets near to trim them. In the past he got one of his nails ripped off by getting it stuck in a fence. Since that anytime we try to trim his nails he growls and we get a little anxious thinking he’ll get to the point where he will bite us. I want to take him in to the groomers but I don’t know if that’ll be safe for him or the groomers. Due to my dogs behavior with his nails getting trimmed. What should I do?
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The groomers might have to muzzle or sedate him if you tell them his history. I used to work at the vet and they don't muzzle or sedate the dogs for nail trims. They just know that getting bit is part of hazards of the job and are more prone to it. When I started dating my husband, none of his family could touch the oldest dogs paws. I worked with him every day and now he let's me trim his nails and grinch feet. He even likes me to rub them before bed lol. I hope you can find a professional to help with the nail trim!

He’ll need a muzzle. My dog hates his nails being touched too, and he always needs a muzzle when he gets his nails trimmed.

I go through the same with my pup, ever since an infection she had in her paws. They now have to muzzle her when trimming them at the vet. And they did at one point also provide mild sedation, everything went excellent! She was good as new within a few hours. The only downside, was how much it cost. Just know your pup is in good hands, and so are the vets if you go to a good place. They are experienced for this. 🤍

If your dog is rowdy for his nails, he will likely get sent home from a groomer. I recommend making an appointment with your vet and ask them to do the nails. You can also ask your vet about “trazadone” which is a mild sedative, think doggy Xanax, that can also be helpful for any grooming appointment. Your dog might also be stressed out in a salon environment, find a home groomer with lots of experience.

I would check out Nail Maintenance for Dogs on Facebook. It's extremely helpful for positively conditioning dogs to feel neutral or positive about nail clipping or dremeling. That's a long-term solution. A scratch board seems like an awesome option. That's what we primarily use. You can do a super simplified version with some sandpaper and a clipboard, but my partner built ours. Another option is getting an anxiety medication, like Trazadone, to get through a groomer. Some vets will do it, too.

Def the groomer. My dog is horrid with having his nails clipped, but the groomer has special accommodations to deal with difficult dogs. Just let them know when you book that is the situation. You can also ask your vet. Our old vet used to offer nail trims and they started giving us anxiety meds to give him before bringing him in for a trim.

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