Struggling with Solids

My baby is days off being 8 months old and I feel like we are going backwards with solids. We started around 6 months and he loved it but the last 3 weeks he has really been fighting it. He screams when put in high chair, being clipped in and bib put on, then throws food on floor or smacks the spoon out of my hand. It’s almost like he’s lost interest ☹️he never used to do this. do I just keep persevering or just give up and try again when he shows interest 😞
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Have you noticed your baby having a preference to sweet? and always eat oats, fruits ect but not savoury foods like eggs, vegetables now?

Same! Used to feed herself with the spoon and would try everything but now she will just play with it

Maybe change up where you feed him. Have a little picnic on the floor or something and see if that helps at all!

Omg Incognito, my baby is 8 months today & doing the exact same thing!! Following for advice too :) My baby is teething again so I wonder if that’s why he’s off it? Idk.. such a confusing time!

Ahhh we're having the same issue!!! I thought bubba was getting sick/teething/he didn't like the food anymore... but I have made so many different things and he's just not eating. He'll have a spoonful and gag 😭 we were getting chunkier and chunkier, now we're back to super pureed food again. So unusual! I wish they could just tell us what's wrong oh my goodnessssssssss

Emalee, I was the same... started moving to chunkier textures but I think I put bub off with it. I've reverted back to his main food being smoother... and following with exploration with chunkier textures so there's no pressure for bub or me. Has been helping in the past week and we're picking back up with it.

Thanks All, I have tried pretty much all the advice that has been stated. I might put it down to teething. He has been completely off these last few weeks. Even his sleep has been dreadful 🥲

@Steph he’s always preferred veggies over fruits, I did try and give him baby custard but he refused ☹️

@Emalee yeah I wish babies had subtitles 😂 would make life so much easier haha

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