Oral surgery

Hey ladies. I'm getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. However, the dental clinic I'm going to doesn't offer anesthesia. They perform the surgery with just numbing agents, so I'll be awake during the process, and I'm very nervous. Has anyone had oral surgery done with just numbing agents before???
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I had all of mine removed awake and I wouldn’t recommend if your wisdom teeth haven’t come through yet or are impacted mine were and they had to cut my gums open and break my teeth in half to pull them out something that should definitely be done while your asleep i felt the cutting of my gums and them breaking my teeth they had to keep re numbing me but if your teeth already came through the gums it shouldn’t be bad to be awake.

I had my top ones removed with just numbing! The numbing shot was the worst part- there was a LOT of intense pressure but no pain.

@Olivia Oh, that sounds rough! Thankfully all 4 teeth are through my gums, and 3 of them are straight. One of my bottom wisdom teeth is just a LITTLE crooked, and about 90% through my gums

@Hannah Good to know! Thank you!

I just had my lower bottom removed today using only local. It was a bit uncomfortable because you heard/felt a lot of pressure and cracking. I had a huge cavity, so they had to essentially do half at a time. I’d be a bit stressed if I had to do 4 teeth but supposedly the top ones are easier than the bottoms. As nerve-wracking as it was, it was over pretty quickly! It will be fine!

@Andrea Thank you!

You can also ask them for a Valium or other medication to relax you!

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