Long C-section recovery, help! ❤️‍🩹

Did anyone else have a very long c-section recovery? I labored for 60 hours and this ended up being my second c-section. I’m 11 weeks today, I still can’t pick up my 3 year old, have trouble carrying the newborn cart seat, I still have daily pain and take ibuprofen and or gabapentin. I’m doing pelvic floor therapy. My doctors are aware but is this normal? Is there anything else I can do to help?
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Do you wear any belly band/binder for support?

No I haven’t. The bottom of it landed right on my incision so it hurt too much.

The belly band is supposed to sit so that the incision is closer to the middle of the belly band, that way it’s compressing the abdominal muscles behind the incision so the muscles aren’t putting pressure on the incision when you walk, talk, laugh, cough, etc. I’m so sorry to hear this is happening to you. No, this is not normal. Your drs or nurses should have given you a belly binder and showed you how to properly use it. There’s ones you can order from Amazon but I always used the ones the hospital gave. Belly binder is key to quick healing. I was going on .5 mile walks at 7 days pp with both c sections I had. I experienced little to no pain, with just Tylenol and Motrin, and stopped taking them after day 4 with my second c section. Try doing pelvic floor breathing and a belly binder. Of course everyone is different, and heals different, but what you described shouldn’t be happening.

I've had a long recovery but that was because it got infected. I've never tried it but some people have mentioned you can massage the area ? It might be that your nerves are still healing internally and there are foods you can eat to help like broccoli, dark green veg. But I honsetly think because you had such a long labour (bless you that must of been so hard !) and then section it might be just taking your body a lot longer to heal x

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