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It’s 1.30 am and i am up for the first feed of the night. Who knew it would be an emotional one! My wee boy just gave me his first smile 😃 I can’t stop bubbling with all these happy emotions. He is 5weeks (was preterm). Has anyone else had their first smiles yet too?
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It’s 2:00 now, just fed my baby, he is 1 and half weeks old, he keeps giving me smiles or at least tries to 😂 but frowns a lot as well 😂😂 It’s the best feeling ever to see those little faces he makes. Waking up every 1-2 hours makes it worth it tbh 🥰

Hi ladies, it’s the most special feeling when you have that 1-2-1 with little one on your own x 💙

My boy is also 5weeks old ,always smiling in his sleeping. It's 2.20 and breastfeeding at the moment..

Yes, she smiled when her dad came home the other day and we both melted! 🥰

Yes i have a smiley little girl anyway but caught it on camera for the first time yesterday was an emotional wreck 😂😂😂

My baby’s first smile was at her dad 😭 But I caught it on camera!

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