Y’all I’m starting to get worried about my baby. She is 18 months old and she will act like she’s having full conversations with you, hand gestures and facial expressions and all. But she doesn’t use actual words. It’s just gibberish. She can say ball, wow, pig, mama, daddy, and a few other words, but just very basic ones. She knows what things are when I ask her she will point and go grab whatever object I tell her to get. Just not using her words. I am scared I talk too much to her lol I have narrated my every move since she was a baby bc I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. We don’t do a lot of screen time. When we do it’s ms. Rachel or something else educational and it’s usually just to start our day after breakfast. Not long at all bc we play with toys and read books most of the day. I feel like I’m doing all the recommended things as a sahm but she’s just not saying as many words as I would think she should. I guess I just wanna know if I’m in the same boat as anyone else
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We are the same way in the house and My girl is the same. Dr told me she’s right on track. Every child is different and learns things at different speeds. He said don’t worry her talking real words will come soon.

Totally normal 💕

That’s normal. My son is the same way. My oldest didn’t start talking in sentences till she was 25 month

Thank y’all. I am also pregnant and have been super sad lately thinking about when this baby gets here she’s gunna feel left out and my emotions are everywhere. I just worry I’m doing something wrong constantly and I also feel like so much is expected of me since I’m home with her all day. I’m just hard on myself for no reason and feel like I’m failing her daily

@Alley you’re doing great!

Sounds like she’s right on track.

If you’re concerned, I would speak to a speech pathologist just to get their opinion. They are the experts in the field and will be able to give you a good idea of where she is.

My nephew didn't talk till he was 3 bc he simply just didn't have anything to say. Don't worry, it's normal for some to start talking later. She might just not feel the need to rn

@Alley awww sweet mama <333 I empathize with you on so many levels. (Also congrats on baby two!) I did the same constantttt narrating with my little, and at a little over 13 months… I feel like she’s not even close to pointing and getting the things that I ask. So at 18 months, I feel like you’ve already done such a great job!!! Like others have said, every child is different. The fact yours is saying words and recognizing objects/ people, as they are… that is AMAZING!!! With mine, dad is actually dada- dog is dog.. and dog says “woof”. But when she’s around me… I’m not mama or mom… (and no exaggeration) I’m “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” When she needs something. Honestly- I feel like narrating everything is super healthy, and makes sense… but I think it’s the other people your baby is around that help emphasize words and sentences. As I’m writing this…my mind goes to me as a child. You start to drown out the person closest to you (ie parent) and only listen to those outside YOUVE GOT THIS

My son is 17 months old and is the exact same way! He’ll have full on conversations with you without any words! Just hand gestures and gibberish. But he’ll even pause and wait for you to respond. He for sure knows what he’s saying though hahaha. From what I know of child development and from family and friends kids, it’s all totally normal. Some kids start talking “real” words before others. But if you are truly concerned ask her doctor 😁. Don’t stress too much mama!

Thank y’all for the positivity and advice! You eased my heart 💜

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