Anyone else’s baby act like they’re hungry hungry?

And by that I mean SCREAM the moment he realizes he needs food. I fed him 4oz of formula at 6, at 730 he couldn’t contain himself and screamed until I finally started making the bottle, then calmed down a tad. It’s crazy. This is him eating puree. He cry’s if you don’t get it to his mouth right away. Is he dramatic, am I, or both 😂😂 I don’t talk baby lingo, is he not eating enough?
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He may be having a growth spurt . My son did this randomly every couple weeks where he seemed like a bottomless pit and then barely ate other weeks. Or kids are just impatient, my 5 year old will ask for food and proceed to act like he’s starving while I hurry to make something

Also I don’t know what age they can eat meat but maybe some protein or cereal would make him feel more satisfied

He’s just really really excited about this new “thing” ohhh it looks good and it tastes yummy and his tummy feels better while eating! My baby was like this too, at 7m he was gnawing on chicken drumsticks and he’ll be down to the bone, I take it away from him just to give him another one and as soon as i put my hand on it he’s pulling it away and screaming his head off! Like “dude, chill, I’m giving you another one, HERE!” 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

My son is about to be 15 months and he still makes like an excited/hangry screeching noise right before I give him food or milk 🤣🤣

I don’t know but he is SOOO cute. The anticipation on his face kills me he’s like “oooo here comes another” 😂🥰❤️

How old is he

@Tania 4-5m

@Kellie he letting you know he wants more. Try mashed potatoes with alittle gravy

my little boy has always acted like this! the older her gets the worse he gets especially now with our food even if he just ate 😂

Mine is constantly eating for lunch she had 1/4 of an egg, .5oz of green beans, .5oz of diluted apple juice, and set of blueberry rice rusks, and she breast fed as well. Then she ate another set of apple rice rusks half an hour later.

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