How did you handle telling people, that you had the baby, but he's sick and needs a lot of help? My husband and I are very overwhelmed, and I know my friends are worried, but I just can't talk to everyone right now while I'm recovering. Even when everyone wants to be helpful, I just don't have anything for them to do yet or updates. We are in a waiting game. Thoughts?
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"So Zack and I have some news, our baby girl is here. She is currently in the NICU in rough condition she is a little fighter and we are so in love with her already." I posted that the day our daughter was born after I was able to see her. I personally didnt give alot of updates, I would tell my sister updates only and she would spread out the information so i could focus on healing and being there for my daughter. I was very picky with what information I even told her, and it was like once a week I gave anything new but we wanted to keep everything to ourselves until we knew she was going to be okay.

Good question. We mostly communicated with close family in the early days who spread out the news, but we have a big family. then I found something called to update a large group and include pictures. I found it helpful too almost like a diary for me. Maybe look into it. Good luck ❤️

I only told my parents & my in laws , people obviously figured out we had the baby but I’m in such a void that i have stopped responding to people . I’m waiting for my baby to be home & better before I will start updating friends & extended family.

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