Why does my daughter love her dad more?

Im a SAHM and i try my best to be the best mom i can be i always try and play with my daughter and show as much affection as i can. When my husband gets home she doesn’t want to even talk to me or let me touch her and constantly says dad and when were in public or with family i get embarrassed because she always prefers him she clings to him like he is the mom. I cant help but feel sad when this happens if im being honest my love for her has shrunk 😞due to the fact that i feel like she doesn’t care about me at all i dont know what to do anymore it takes a toll on me because as soon as the afternoon arrives and weekends she acts like she hates me
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Aww please try not to think like that. The attention given to daddy is more so because she doesn't see him when he's out at work and she's happy he's home on weekends. I'm a SAHM and my husband works from home. My daughter is always asking for him and she wants to play as soon as he comes down for a snack or his lunch. I do nearly everything for her and she always wants me for nap times, but she wants daddy before she's ready to go to sleep at night (this annoyed me once because I couldn't settle her until she woke him up for cuddles). We feel so many emotions, but please remember that she loves you just the same as she does her daddy, she just showms it in different ways. Also, as SAHM's, we are exhausted most of the time, and we can get feel very overwhelmed. My husband has felt like you do sometimes, it's difficult for him to realise that our daughter loves him as much as she does me. Being a parent is incredibly hard sometimes xx

Ooh it’s hard when they say ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ all the time 🫠 I think it’s because they see us alll the time, so dad is novel in a sense so they’re excited and want to see them. That doesn’t mean they don’t love us or aren’t excited to see us, I guess it’s just because they know we’ll pretty much always be here 😅

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