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My boy is 1 on 2nd march. He doesn’t eat any full meals and I’m worrying he isn’t eating enough. He had about 4 spoons of his porridge. Then dinner had about 3 spoons of his beans. Tea I made him chicken soup. He had about 5 spoons of it. And he had one mango pouch. He likes the food but after a few mouth fulls hes just like ‘no’. (It’s a baby spoon btw not a big one). he still has his milk through the night. He’s the same with all food and even sweet stuff like his custard! Don’t know what to do.
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I find that my little one won’t take anything from a spoon but will have finger food. Still only a few mouthfuls here and there but definitely more than what he’d eat with a spoon x

have you tried finger foods? our little girl was just the same, especially with savoury foods, and with her refusing the mush we figured she just wasn’t ready for the veggies and toast etc turns out we were so wrong 😭 she does so much better when she can pick up the food and eat it herself, only thing she’ll take spooned is yoghurt now

My little girl was exactly the same. She prefers to either feed herself - I put the food on the spoon then hand to her. She then hands it back to me when it's empty for more 😅 She also loves finger foods! So I tend to give her a combination of both for every meal. So she'll have toast, fruit, rice cakes etc. Then she'll also have something more substantial like cottage pie or something which is spoon fed. She's only very recently started favouring food over her milk. She still has bottles throughout the night though. She was 1 on 31st Jan.

@Carys I’ve tried finger food and he just throws it or squeezes it really hard until it crumbles… and then throws it 😂. Sometimes he takes the food off the spoon into his mouth then spits it back out into his hand and then… throws it 😅 I don’t know what else to do. It’s asif eating bores him

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