Yall I can’t

I’m only 10w2d right now and I swear I feel like I’m ready to pop. Idk what this baby is gonna do but I feel like I’m already running out of room 😂 Is it time to transfer the kid to its dad Seahorse style?
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10 weeks 1 day here & I feel your pain! Like wherrrrre did this bump come from lol Google says the uterus is about the size of an orange at this point but I feel like mine is more like a cantaloupe

@Hartise ugh yes! It’s not so bad early in the day but once I’ve had food and fluids I look so different and feel so full lol

Same! 2nd baby?

@Gigi no this is my first!

Haha, well I’m 11w 2d and I can totally agree to this. It’s bloating, food, the baby everything 😅

@Paige Marie yessss, mornings I’m fine, but evenings I wanna die. Lying on my side and getting a nap in sometimes has been the only relief.

I’m sorry the seahorse comment made me lol! Hang in there. I’m 10w too and I look like a 🍭 lollipop.

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