My 10 month old has been good about sleeping since she was about 5 weeks old and started sleeping in her own room at about 5 months old. The last 3 weeks she has suddenly decided she absolutely will not sleep in her own room or even her own bed if we set up the pack n play next to our bed. She will only sleep on top of me. She has also became extremely clingy and freaks out anytime she isn’t on top of me during the day. She has to be on and touching me at all times which causes me to be extremely over stimulated. Don’t get me wrong I love the cuddles but a lot of it isn’t cuddles, it’s just climbing and pulling on my hair and face and hitting. Any tips? Anybody else going through this?
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My 9 month old is doing the same thing

Same here. Our ped had warned us it might happen around this age, apparently a phase of separation anxiety but I’m not sure it will end😅

@Christa I really feel like it’s never going to end. It’s been 3 weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. I am going absolutely crazy between constantly having someone on me and the lack of sleep it is mentally and physically draining when you’re home with them 24/7.

Going through this now. My little guy is SO clingy and he cries whenever he’s not touching me or being held by me. My daughter (now 2.5) wasn’t really ever THIS intense about her separation anxiety, so I’m not familiar with it. Baby boy feels like he’s trying to burrow into my flesh.

@Ellen yes! I literally tell her all the time that she can’t get any closer to me and there’s no possible way she’s going to fit back in my belly so she’s gonna have to settle with sitting in my lap

There's a huge leap and regression from 9 months where separation anxiety is a key factor in how they act I promise as someone who's now out the other side it does end and does get better. My son's never been impacted by any regression but this one got us and got us hard it took 6 weeks to get back to normal and now it's like nothing happened except he's a lot more independent and wants to play by himself and will tell me when he needs me

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