Cervix check

I’m 37-3 weeks I had a cervix check today; I’m 2cm and thinning which I know means nothing; today at 9:30 10 hours later I’m cramping and having pain in vag area. Did anyone else experience this after a cervix check? I’m scared my doctor accidentally did a membrane sweep!
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It could mean your cervix wasn’t too open and you might get a lil crampy after effect or spotting but, very normal

@Jenn did the cervix check hurt?

@Shannon I don’t remember ever being in pain after any cervix with my other two babies

@Gloria slightly. I don’t remember cervix check hurting after with my last two pregnancy

@Jenn honestly I didn’t really have any pain either but every friend of mine and my midwife warned that it would be normal if it was sore and crampy and even spotted a bit…the more open you are the less it is likely that it would be sore.

@Jenn or rather cervical thinness not open

My first cervix check, for this pregnancy, pissed off the baby. She got on a nerve and decided to stay on it for 2 days. That was at 37 weeks and I’m almost at 39 weeks.

@Morgan my last OB never offered membrane sweep I don’t know how they fel

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