Tips to build up milk supply?

So my LO has been breastfeeding regularly everyday since she was born. But somehow my supply seems to be going down instead of building up? I know that it’s only been a couple weeks and it takes around a month for your supply to regulate but I feed her around 2-4 hr intervals (if she’s too sleepy she won’t eat so I sometimes have to wait till she’s more awake to try) and I pump as well. The most I was ever able to pump from one side was about 4 OZ and in the last couple days I’m barely getting an OZ per side? I’ve tried random things that people say might help like drinking body armor, or eating oatmeal. And things that are supposed to like staying hydrated, and feeding often but again my supply is going down :(. I’ve met with multiple lactation consultants and spoken to my OB / her doc and they’ve all kinda just been like “🤷‍♀️ keep trying” which isn’t entirely helpful. Her doc even advised that i pull her off after 20mins (since she’s still small enough that she just wants to sleep at the boob instead of eating) and then try and give her an OZ or so from a bottle but again I’m barely even pumping an OZ so idk what i’m doing wrong. She’s having diapers as she should be, feeding as often as she should be, and (usually) latching well. But when we met with her consultant a little after she was a week old she said she was gaining kinda slow. And now we’re going on 3 weight checks because she wasn’t back to her birth weight a couple days before her 2 week so I’m not really sure if it’s just a supply issue on my end or what. I initially bought a pump in the hopes of being able to build up a supply to keep in the freezer (and a way for dad to feed her when I just need a nap lol) but now I feel like I’m making myself stress by having such a seemingly weak supply 🙃
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Power pump

I know you kinda said you tried it but this helped my supply like crazy! 1/3 body armor 1/3 coconut water 1/3 oat milk!

and i usually drink 2-3 a day but i went down to one a day bc my milk is drowning my LO! lol

Mother Milk tea. It tastes funny, but I know it can help.

I think there are soooo many different opinions on what to do and I’d take a break from pumping for a minute. My lactation consultant stresses that the baby needs to get what they need for 3-4 weeks and then you can increase. I’ve pumped a little and have the opposite problem- I have an oversupply- but now am dealing with the problems that go with that and I wish I would’ve just let my baby control my supply for the first month!

It is possible baby is feeding better and taking more volume, and therefore leaving less left to be pumped - thus your supply might not actually be decreasing. I would be wanting lactation consultant to do a weighted feed to better estimate how much baby is getting at nursing sessions now. The goal is to be at birth weight by 2 weeks so it’s okay if baby wasn’t quite there a few days before 2 weeks. It’s normal to get only 0.5-1oz TOTAL when pumping after a feed - getting 4oz from one breast is actually a crazy large amount. This makes me think that when you were getting 4oz, baby wasn’t feeding well and was leaving too much milk behind. Which is why with you now getting more normal amounts, Im wondering if baby is now feeding better.

Regarding the doctors advice - Absolutely do NOT limit baby’s time at the breast and absolutely do NOT supplement with formula or milk pumped a previous day unless a lactation consultant agrees that it is necessary - unnecessary supplementation will decrease how much baby nurses and will directly lower your supply. For now, continue what you’re doing - if baby’s weight is low, you’ll need to pump more frequently unfortunately. If baby’s gets back on track, I would try to decrease the bottle feeding and have baby get milk directly from the breast instead. You can then save the 1oz you pump each day, and over time this will add up to a great freezer stash! Pumping 1oz extra per day is technically oversupply. You don’t need to pump 4oz extra.

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