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Hello all, I've recently had an early reassurance scan which thankfully went well. This was at Hillingdon Hospital but I was thinking of having another scan at around 9wks ( so in about 3wks time ) but I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good company that offer private scans or window into the womb etc that are fairly local. Thank you all so much xx
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Window to the womb Ealing x

Well-being of my baby (Womb) in Farnham royal. About 25 min drive away but we’ll worth it! It’s an ex nhs sonographer and her husbands family business and it felt really personal for us. The sonographer was also pregnant at the same time! We went during lockdown as nhs wasn’t allowing partners to scans but we would definitely pay for a private scan again next time round. They also gave us extra photos and emailed us videos. Didn’t feel like we were on a conveyor belt (which I’ve heard as a common comment from people who go to chains)

Ive used window to the womb in ealing a few times

Window to the womb in Watford was great! X

I've used window to the womb in Ealing and one in Kingston, both really good x

Womens scan clinic in Windsor is great. We went there a few times during pregnancy. xx

London Private Ultrasound in Marylebone were brilliant!

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