Blocked nose or?? Sound in video

Why is baby making this weird sound while breastfeeding? He’s breathing normally when he’s not on the boob… When not on boob sometimes he makes another weird sound, almost like a chicken 😂
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I don't think this is him not breathing well. I think this is his body learning how to breathe while eating/drinking. Both need to travel through the same area in your throat. I've seen adults try to eat or drink too much too quickly and have to take some ragged breaths when their body tries to compensate for the lack of air (including myself last night when I tried to eat a BLT in under 30 seconds bc I was so hungry). Our throats naturally close off airway movement when we eat or drink, so food or liquid doesn't make its way into our lungs. This only works for so long though, before the body needs air. It sounds like him learning to regulate those systems. If youre really worried though ask his pediatrician bc its always better to ask question with a simple answer than to keep worrying about your baby.

Thank you 🥰🥰🥰 I was probably overthinking it… he only did it that one time and what you are saying makes so much sense!! He’s just 1 week old so of course he’s still learning 😊😊 Thank you for reassuring me 🤍

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