Places to recommend to go with Infant/Toddler

Hello! I don't yet live in St. Albert but I will be by November 2024. I wanted to know if people had any suggestions of places to take my baby that might not be obvious to someone who is just moving to the province.
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I live in St. Albert! Servus is the rec centre here (with a pool) and they have lots of stuff to do. Fountain Park (pool) and Grosvenor (outdoor pool- open June-September long) are great too (and my personal preferences for pool going as Servus gets really busy). Lots of walking trails and parks. There's an outdoor splash park open in the summer with a regular park attached. I'm sure there are lots of mom groups (although I haven't looked as of yet- I have a 6 month old). Traveling into Edmonton will be your best bet for a lot of baby stuff to do for sure

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