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My babe is rolling over and rolls on his stomach while sleeping. Do i roll him over?
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We were in the similar situation. My pediatrician said it's completely fine and normal. A baby's brain can now sense that if they don't get enough oxygen and will adjust their sleeping positions if required. Just make sure there are no stuffed toys or blankets in the crib!

@Ramya even if he can’t roll belly yo back? Just back to belly?

My pediatrician said the same, that it's ok and we can just let them sleep in the belly. You do what you feel better for your baby.

@Judith do you find that they sleep better on their belly? More comfortable?


I’m Dominican and in my country, people put the baby to sleep on their belly as usual. I put my daughter down a few times when I was close to seeing her sleeping and she sleeps longer like that, but for security, I put her in her back until the doctor said that was fine.

@Judith yea i thought maybe they would sleep longer. But i wasn’t sure so i moved him back to his back but he is on his side again and im sure will roll over again.

My little one did this for a while, but she would only sleep on her belly. Once she figured out how to roll, there was no keeping her off her belly. I'd put her on her back and in less than a minute she rolled over every time.

@Grace Same with mine. Except now when he rolls over he wakes up and isn’t sleeping more than 2 hours.

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