Hello mothers, my baby is 5weeks old and am doing combo of breastfeeding and formula. All of a sudden he stopped pooing as he should, for the last 2 question is has anyone had issues with cow&gate formula?
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I use cow and gate and found my baby became constipated (I was combi feeding) - but I've researched and found that it's normal for formula fed babies to become constipated. Recently my baby was constipated for 2 days and now she is fine again. I'm not so sure it's a cow and gate issue, might just be a formula issue in general? How often does your little one poop? I've heard it's also normal for formula fed and breast fed babies to go without pooing for a min amount of days.

I used the comfort cow and gate that's tailored for colic and constipation when my LO had issues - now she's ok I've gone back to the normal one. Speak to your GP at your 6 week appointment or your HV maybe to give yourself peace of mind.

@Eline He hasn't poo in 5days ,went to see doctor and he was given lactose and he pooped that day and now its been another 5days of no poo at all.. health visitor seems not be worried but as a mother am concerned .am confused with the cow&gate as they have different types for infant..please can you send the picture of the one you are using for your baby and I will also send mine

Ok I will DM you

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