Are yall following the wake window/nap guidelines?

My almost 8 week old always had long wake windows and i let him sleep whenever he wanted to without adhering to "60-90 min wake window followed by 20-120 minute nap". He did quite alright on that until he became fussy for 3 days straight which we now know was him entering the 2nd leap. So we tried to follow the wake window/nap guideline but it seems exhausting for everyone. All I do is count how much he sleeps, when the next nap is, how long is he gonna be down for.. the Baby only naps now for 20-30 minutes and it has become a struggle to figure out what to do at bed time to put him to bed. Should I go back to how we did things or should I stick to the guidelines?
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I gave up on wake windows a long time ago. My almost 8 week old barely naps during the day, hasn’t since she was 3 weeks. She’s usually awake for a 6 hour stretch during the day. The trade off is how well she sleeps at night, which I’ll gladly take. Some babies just don’t nap well according to my pediatrician.

Sort of… I keep in mind the wake windows but know that if my baby isn’t sleepy then she just won’t nap. The “routine” is nurse, change diaper, play till she gets sleepy, then try to nap (which looks like nursing to sleep). Sometimes the nap is only like 10-20 minutes 😭 and I either try to soothe her again to sleep or start the routine over. The naps become shorter and shorter as the day goes on..

@Julia does she get overtired?

@Naomi mine fights sleep and it stressed me out

@Olviga yes, and crabby. But she usually soothes enough if we go for a walk that it’s bearable. I’m pretty sure she just has FOMO with me. Today was her first day with daycare and she took two naps. But with me, she will be wide awake for up to 6 hours. Even if we sit in a dark room with her noise machine while rocking and swaddled. I can do that for 2-3 hours and she still won’t fall asleep for me during the day.

@Julia okay, makes me feel less alone hahaha

With my 8 week old I try to put him down for his first nap at the same time and he normally stretches his nap from 10.30 to 12:30 after that I follow the wake window, but iv noticed if you keep him up he will stay up so I take him for a walk or wear him and he falls asleep easy for at least an hour always

@Olviga ugh I hope it gets better… mine fought sleep HARD between 4-8 weeks… some days it was like no naps (apart from wearing/walking, but I’m too tired to do this) and by end of day it was witching hour hell

No, I might be wrong, but even I have days when I feel like sleeping more than others… so I just go with the flow haha

Same same same! This makes me feel so much better!

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