Siblings name ranking

My first born’s name isn’t in the top 1,000 where we live. But I’m currently pregnant & one of my favorite names is in the top 150! Is that even something to consider? I don’t want one to feel left out or less original or weird. Any advice? I feel like I’m over thinking 😂
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Top 150 I wouldn’t stress over. So many more names are in circulation now that even the number 1 name is only given to like half as many kids as the number 1 from 10-20 years ago. A top 150ish name is probably still going to be the only one in their class.

We are going with the name vivienne and that is ranked number 300! I actually like that it isn’t super popular. I liked Olivia, Chloe or Sophia for a while which are all very popular at the moment. Not the end of the world but I personally didn’t want to choose a name everyone else is also choosing

We picked a top 100 name & I had no idea it was popular at the time. I wouldn’t worry about rankings.

150 is fine just avoid top 20

I think it matters more how the names sound together. There are some normal familiar names that aren’t ranked highly as well as some pretty unusual ones. I think currently more and less popular is fine but I probably wouldn’t go really unusual and really normal

I’m in the same position! My first borns name isn’t popular at all but we love two names that are a lot more popular for baby girl number 2! I worried about it for a few weeks but now I’m over it and just think we chose our first daughters name as we loved it and we’re choosing our second for the same reason! Xx

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