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Hi I’m currently pregnant with my first and I talked to my doctor about my nipples which are inverted and he seemed to think it would be a lot more difficult to breastfeed. I was wondering what experiences others who maybe had inverted nipples had?
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Nipple shields work wonders!

I have inverted nipples. I was told as a teen I wouldn't be able to breastfeed.However, I am able to breastfeed. :)

I have inverted nipples I think but I tried with all four of my children for a good 2-5 weeks. Basically my milk dried. Babies were growing but even with lactation nurses they babies weren't satisfied and my nipples were always painful. Try it and if you can't then there's no shame in that

See lactation while in the hospital and then keep following up with someone in lactation. There are ways to do it, some people are more successful than others.

Pumping before trying to latch the baby helps..but also nipple shields. I have “flat” nipples so especially when my son was a new born the nipple shield was a life saver cause he struggled so much trying to latch without it. Just don’t get discouraged if the baby struggles I almost gave up breastfeeding cause he struggled at first but they get the hang of it just keep working at it ❤️

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