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Idk what I even want ppl to say here, just venting I suppose but I’m having a c section in a week and I know this may sound vain but I’m worried about my boobs pp after breastfeeding. I have a lot of body image issues for various reasons from my past and my boobs are something I genuinely like about myself and don’t want them to “deflate” after BF. Surprisingly I’ve dealt with the changes in my body pregnancy has thrown my way pretty well but I don’t know how I’m going to cope pp! I know it will be the least of my worries when I have my baby etc etc. but I wanted to post as it is something making me anxious. I want to teach my baby confidence and to love themselves but it’s going to be so bloody hard.
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I breastfed my first for 3-4 months and my boobs did not “deflate or flatten”. I was also going to breastfeed with my second but her latch was to strong and my boobs were so cracked and bleeding and I was in so much pain I chose to formula feed. I also worried about how my body was going to look post partum with my first. You just birthed a whole human being, they say give your body 9 months to recover, I am a 2x c section mama. This time around I didn’t care what my body looked like and I still don’t. I’m so blessed to just have my kids 🩷🤞🏻 cut your self some slack mama, it’ll be ok

I lost weight so mine have a bit of a sag to them. It really gets to be because I had a breast reduction and they were perfect. Not sure if it had much to do with pregnancy and I only breastfed for 9 weeks

I breastfed for 6 weeks and honestly my boobs are non existent but I'm okay with that ,they change alot anyways throughout your life really ♥️

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