Anyone else feel unprepared?

I’m 37 weeks, got diagnosed with hypertension and now getting induced next week on the 21st. All of a sudden I am absolutely panicking and feel wildly unprepared.. we have practically everything we could ever imagine needing, we are surrounded by support, we took preparation classes and I have some experience with kids being a nanny and a preschool teacher over the years. Why am I suddenly feeling like I’m not ready??? My husband is cool, calm and collected and doesn’t understand why I’m freaking out
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I think it’s the mom in you! Completely normal to panic a bit especially when the timeline is moved up unexpectedly. I went into preterm labor with my first at 30 weeks. Made it to 36 weeks but I panicked the whole time worried about literally everything. When we had her everything just stopped. I felt like time was so slow and peaceful and honestly it was just so amazing to be able to hold her and it all came naturally. You got this! I hope you have the same experience with your birth!!

Same but I’m getting induced at 37 weeks

What you have just described is the same as what happened yesterday when I was given my induction date. You’re ready, it’s just hitting you now because they have given you a date and you finally know where you stand. Plus men are typically the more logical whilst I imagine a lot of moms are much more emotionally involved! It’s perfectly natural ❤️ watch your husband when he gets the news you’re actually in labour…then his time to freak out may come! Good luck! You got this!

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