Last night I propped my fort door open while cooking dinner to help with the smoky like air. After a while I noticed this on her upper right leg. It’s gotten a little brighter in color and is bumpy feeling. My daughter is slightly itchy around it. I’m not sure if it’s a spider bite, mosquito or flea bite from our cats. Also to add this is the area or super close to the area she got her shots on back on February 1st.
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Looks like an insect bite but could be any of the insects you named, really no way to know I don't think.

Def looks like a bug bite not spider those r pretty easy to see the 2 puncture spots in the bite most likely a mosquito or even another bug but she should be OK just keep an eye on it even use a marker or something to mark the edges of the redness so u can easily tell if it's getting bigger or spreading from there if it doesn't get smaller by tomorrow or she starts exhibiting other symptoms go to the Dr and get it checked right away don't use any bug creams or anti itch creams or nothing cuz that could make it worse being a newbie n all lol 😉 u got this momma

My son had something like this on his 12 month checkup after shots. I would take a marker and drawl around it to see if it gets bigger or goes away or take a picture and compare them every day

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