I am 21 years old and I have 2 daughters both out of wedlock. The first person was a narcissist who managed to get me to close the door on God fully. Since I started 8th grade I kept trying to fit in with everyone else even if it meant turning my back on God. I’m currently engaged to the father of my second born. She’s almost 4 months. We have been married legally in VA. We have an appointment with my priest tomorrow to start the process to get married in the church. My husband isn’t Catholic. He is a very godly person and plans on being confirmed in the church. We have been having problems and I know I’m the problem. Tonight he asked me what do I care about. I responded with “you doubt everything I say, so it doesn’t matter what my response is.” He said that’s all he needed to know and went to go sleep in a different room tonight. I’m tired, my head feels cloudy, and nothing feels like reality. I find myself getting overly angry at the smallest things and snapping. I don’t want to lose him. I believe he is the person that God sent back into my life. I don’t know what to do.
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Give God a chance. Your fiancé is a godly man that’s a good thing try it out, go to different Catholic churches in your area. Find one you like. Seek out women’s groups within the church. There are plenty of people who leave the church and come back that’s normal. The rcia teacher in my church left the church after her parents divorce had an abortion in college and now is completly dedicated to the church with her husband and children. God takes us as we are and where we are in our spiritual journey. You are loved, cared for and a child of God. It’s never to late to go home to the church. An I apologize for any member of the church, ex boyfriend, family member or person who has used God as an excuse to judge you or condemn you. That’s not God and they are wrong for doing that.

@Natalie 🙏🏽

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