My daughter is almost 5 months old and I never intended to co sleep but she won’t sleep without me (I also exclusively breast feed she refuses bottles) I’ve followed safe sleep guidelines and I’ve been working on trying to get her to sleep in the crib but it’s difficult and my bd mom complains that she should be in a crib as well as my parents all they do is tell me I’m making my life harder for the future and that my baby is too codependent on me and it’s becoming so draining because I’m trying to do my best:/ I really just don’t know what to do… I can’t even be away from her more than 3 hours or she will scream doesn’t matter who she’s with I love the bond I have with her but everyone else hates it & sometimes I do miss some independence..
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We cosleep with our daughter, and she’s almost 16 months. She can fall asleep in her crib now, but prefers to sleep with us and we’re perfectly fine with it. They’re not the ones who are sleeping with your daughter, so just brush off whatever they’re saying. It’s your decision, not theirs 💜

I co sleep with my six month old, she can sleep in the crib but rather sleep with mom and dad. We have a big bed and practice safe sleep. The way I think about it is they’re only gonna be little for so long, I’m just taking it in. Eventually they’re going to want to be independent. Can’t help our bond with our own child.

@Alyssia I have a crib like this but she feels I’m not there and wakes up within minutes 😭

@Mj ok bc I used this method to where my baby can still get to me and it worked. With my second born she co slept with me until two

If it's right for your family do it! ❤️ I have an almost 3 year old that has exclusively co slept with us since like a few months old. He wasn't comfortable sleeping on his own. He still touches us with his feet in his sleep to make sure we are there lol. It's human nature to want to sleep together. That's why couples do it lol occasionally it can be problematic for extracurriculars but you figure it out lmao

It’s your baby, not theirs. The older generation still believes that not having socks on your baby in summer will cause them to get direly sick; old school child raising has long been overruled and dismissed by modern studies and practices. Babies are babies, there’s no need for them to have to learn to be “independent” and everything in their mammalian biology craves their mom’s presence and safety. They’ll outgrow attachment as they get older, but right now the most important thing for their development mentally and emotionally is that you provide them with that security and response. Not only that, but it also helps your bond and helps against PPD and PPA.

Hey mama! I've coslept with my baby since the day she was born (we slept in the hospital together) and I also exclusively breastfeed, I don't have to get up every few hours to nurse cause she's right there and she sleeps well. I know the feeling of missing your independence to just get up and do whatever you plan to do but just remember baby is only little for a short while so soak it all up and enjoy it cause it doesn't last long. You're not making your baby too dependent on you, you're creating a healthy attachment bond between mother and child, your baby will naturally start to become independent; It's natural, so don't let others try to tell you how to parent, you do what you feel is right. You carried that baby and went through the labor, not them. My baby is now 8 months and starting to become more independent and wants to play instead of cuddling sometimes and I miss it already but I don't regret the bonding we've done at all!! I'm also a velcro baby and trust me, we turn out great and love our mamas!

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