I tried hand expressing colostrum at exactly 37w and it took forever to only get a couple drops and only from 1 side It made me queezy doing it by hand so I wasn't going to. Anyways I put together my medela $25.00 hand pump and wanted to try it at 38+5 and I got instant colostrum from both sides!!! It excited me so much lol. I gotta wash and sanitize it first tho b4 I save any. Thought I'd share the tip :)
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Thanks for sharing! I’m 37w and been wondering when/how to do it? I haven’t leaked much. Does it hurt when expressing?xx

@Fátima the pump didn't hurt. I think I pulled the handle like 3x before drops were coming out like crazy. Even my husband was shocked lol. Way easier than hand expressing. It made me feel good bc I had supply issues last baby. I feel more confidence for b4 my milk comes in now that the baby will be fed.

P.s. I never leak so was not expecting that was there

Thats awesome I’ll definitely start soon! Thanks babe x

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