A night away?

My daughter is almost 5 months old both grand parents want a night with her and my bd wants a night with just us, I’m not ready and don’t feel comfortable with her spending the night away from me until she’s AT LEAST one years old how do I communicate that ? Each time I try I never feel as if it’s truly heard and understood..
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I say don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable my daughters dads family keeps asking when they can spend alone time with her and I don’t get the point of it tbh she’s also 4 months and it makes me uncomfortable as to why they need alone time with her @ 4 mos lol Asking for an overnight is crazy. In my opinion. I don’t think you need to explain yourself.

agreeing 100% with @Bina , definitely do not leave her anywhere if you’re not comfortable & i would just say that. you’re not ready for that yet & will let everyone know when needed! my bf’s family were always asking “when can we get her” it was uncomfortable to me to express at first but i had to tell them i’ll reach out if i need you, otherwise you can come see her @ my home!

Yessss @Jaeda I saw her uncle kiss her on the cheek before I could stop him and that was enough for me and his sister was like “wow you gonna just do it before she could stop you” then the grandma kissed her when I looked away….folk are just selfish. I will not be leaving my baby with anyoneeeeee. I can come or she can stay with me.

I’d be honest with my feelings. Tell them I’m not comfortable yet with her being away from me. She’s still at a vulnerable age. If they can’t respect that then they have a problem.

On the same boattt my bf just had to keep telling his parents that we will let them know when we are ready. My bf works while Im at stay home mom and he has expressed to me that he wants some alone time and needs a break from our daughter😩 so I’m tryna convince myself that she’ll be ok and that we need this for the sake of our relationship but idk. It’s hard

@Esme so hard 😭😭

No, means no. You shouldn't explain it. You are the mom!

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